Signature Series: Prime Your Portfolio & Strategic Investor Program

Signature Series: Prime Your Portfolio & Strategic Investor Program

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Strategic Investor Program

Includes Unlimited Access To:

  1. Strategic Investor Course (on location and on line)
  2. Strategic Investor XLT
  3. Strategic Investor Model Portfolio

Also for a limited time you will receive a Signature Series with Companion Sessions

Prime Your Portfolio 

    This 3-day program is specifically designed to teach the skill of value investing and portfolio building. Please note: A pre-requisite to Prime Your Portfolio required either Strategic Investor or Core Strategy completion.

    This course will cover:

    • The fundamentals of a company and how to read and interpret financial statements
    • How to determine a company’s true “intrinsic” value and qualitatively assess management
    • Portfolio building for long-term growth
    • Back-testing allocations and determining the characteristics of low-risk compositions
    • How to carefully use leverage

    Note: Prerequisite requirement - You must complete the Strategic Investor  before you can attend the Signature Series. Please understand you may not attend the Signature Series until you take the Strategic Investor Course.