Signature Series: Training Your Eyes - Online - April 6-8

Signature Series: Training Your Eyes - Online - April 6-8

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Please note: The prerequisite to attend Signature Series: Training the Eyes is the Core Strategy Program. If you are not yet enrolled in the Core Strategy Program please contact your center for details and the applicable fees.

If you do own the Core Strategy Program, congrats! As a current Core Strategy Student, you have met all the prerequisites to attend.

Throughout this Signature Series, we will explore:  

  • Training your eyes to train your brain: Discover a new toolset that could help you better recognize Structures, Area, Formation and Zones.  Together, we’ll cover the “6 Basic Structures”, basic Fibonacci retracements and extensions and much more!
  • Back testing:  Analyzing charts and identifying examples many would consider “Picture Perfect Trades”, focusing on cultivating your “20/20 vision”: Recognizing when a trade-set up looks promising! Working our eyes from the left side of the chart to the right side, with specific price patterns and multiple time frames.  The more we train our eyes and brain to focus on optimal trade set-ups that have happened in the past, the easier it should be for us to be able to identify them in the future.
  • Exploring the difference between Formation and Zones, terminology of candles and identification of “Leg vs. Base” candles, Fibonacci tools, Harmonic patterns for Structure and additional “Odds Enhancers Scoring Methodology”
  • Learn to better limit your “Blind Spots”: Enhanced techniques on forecasting and understand the risk involved in your trade before you place it.